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Alison Shepard
Assistant Professor

Phone: 859-344-3504

The human form has always intrigued Alison Shepard. She began drawing ladies in dresses on a yellow legal pad with a blue ballpoint pen at age five or six. Naturally she became the figure drawing guru in the art department. Teaching and creating are one for Professor Shepard. Every piece of the world around her becomes both a subject for her own work and an exciting project for her students. Walking around downtown Cincinnati, the skyscrapers and street corners become lessons in linear perspective. Driving along the Ohio River on her way to work she looks at the hills of Kentucky against the water and blue sky and thinks about how to mix paint to describe the way light affects color and creates atmospheric perspective. Constantly observing and making art all the time is part of her creative ”diet” and she finds it helps her to emphathize with the work that the students are doing. When teaching Figure Drawing, she often tries to draw with the students so that she can see what types of problem solving strategies the students will be challenged by on that particular day. Her teaching approach is very much hands-on and done by demonstration. Her students tend to be “out in the field” learning from local galleries and artist studios in the greater Cincinnati area.

She is a multi-faceted artist, with recent exhibitions of drawings of local landmarks and sculpture from the Cincinnati Art Museum. Her representational paintings are either figurative or from the natural environment. She has also been included in regional print exhibitions where she has shown abstract prints made using combinations of various intaglio techniques. For fun, she dabbles in stop-motion animation, short film-making and performing in her brother- sister band, entheos.

All levels of Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, 2-D and 3-D Design, Watercolor.

BFA Northern Kentucky University 
MFA Printmaking, Miami University