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Statement of Values

Thomas More College has a twofold nature: it is 1) Catholic, and 2) an institution of higher learning. It consequently has a twofold goal: to promote the truth and moral values espoused by the Roman Catholic Church in the context of providing higher education in both the speculative and practical orders. The faculty believes that such a goal can only be achieved when certain values are embraced and conveyed. While an exhaustive listing of these values might be more confusing than helpful, the faculty considers the statement that follows to indicate the way in which these values are interrelated and interdependent within the framework of a truly Christian understanding of faith, hope and love.

Because the College acknowledges the importance in human life of faith in God, it sees the pursuit of knowledge in all realms as contributing to a deeper understanding of God and God's creation. Knowledge, then, is not merely an end in itself, but a gateway opening to the mystery of reality, of truth. Faith informs the process by which truth is sought and underpins the value we place on the practice of academic freedom which seeks to bear witness to the respect with which God treats individuals in their quest to know and live His Truth.

As a Christian community living in hope, the College attaches particular importance to those qualities that bring the reality of the Kingdom of God into the world. The College seeks to develop persons who will be competent in their various fields of endeavor, who will have a sense of responsibility toward their fellow human beings, respect for all life, indeed toward all the resources of the earth that God has placed in our care. The College community, therefore, holds out the ideal of a world in which the justice and peace of the Kingdom can be a reality that we bring to life, not simply an image we wish for but do nothing to attain.

In an atmosphere characterized by Christian love, the College promotes respect for the unique talents, self-awareness, self-fulfillment, and freedom of each person together with tolerance and compassion for their weaknesses and limitations. Because love is not just an emotion or a passing fancy, the College community challenges itself to translate love into commitment and service to others.